Stefania Conci

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    e dell'aria aperta.

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I'm Stefania Conci, a digital artisan passionate about tradition and technology.
In November 2020 I created THE ROOM IN THE WOODS

LA STANZA NEL BOSCO, an Italian brand based in the mountains and beautiful woods of Trentino Alto Adige. I create and hand produce decorative cushions of great aesthetics and quality, designed for bedrooms and spaces dedicated to children , but which also look fabulous in bedrooms of adults! Through the characters that I draw, although they are decorative elements, I propose an original way of making the fauna and flora of the woods known and teaching respect for nature, trying to bring children closer to the mountain world by making them have fun with my puppet cushions. I am very aware of the harmful impact that the industry has on our environment. For this reason, I design timeless designs and products that last many years and that can be handed down from generation to generation. I print and embroider only what is ordered, in my laboratory set up for small series production powered by electricity produced by photovoltaic panels Instead, for the production of the Pattern Collection I rely on a European partner who uses cutting-edge printing technology that creates very little waste water and uses little energy.Each product you see in the catalog is made on request: we produce only one once the order has been placed. This avoids overproduction and textile waste, a production choice of which I am very proud. The inks used for printing are water-based and free from harmful chemicals. To preserve the environment, I dispose of any ink residues according to the suppliers' guidelines. Part of the proceeds from product sales will be donated to the Trentino Tree Agreement to contribute to the reconstruction of the Trentino forests and, thanks to your purchases, become promoters of sustainability practices environmental. There are more small changes like this that I plan to make in my business, and I'm excited to take these steps to reduce our footprint. Thank you β™₯ Stefania

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