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Vintage style enamelled metal cup, perfect for camping and home. Ideal for children's independence and for all adults!

Illustration with forget-me-nots flowers.

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Their very name suggests a desire to be remembered by the recipient, so that the bond between people will be indelible and unforgettable over time.

These small flowers have deep blue petals and a distinctive star shape. They are often given as gifts on special occasions such as anniversaries or to express a feeling of deep love and affection for someone.

They are also used to honour the memory of a departed loved one, as they represent the desire to keep the emotional connection alive even after the loss.

These beautiful flowers have a symbolic meaning related to enduring love, loyalty and fond memories between people.

They thrive in meadows, pastures, forests and wetlands, often along watercourses.

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Themed illustration THE ROOM IN THE WOODS hand- and computer-drawn, hot-printed.

Size Ø9x8H - 295 ml
Black border
Not microwaveable
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Personalised mug, you can add a name or phrase and make your mug unique!

If you are among those people who get attached to their personal mug, you should know that you are not alone.

Why do we get attached to our mug?

It belongs to us and activates memories Mugs are a gift that is usually associated with people or memories. The emotions evoked by a mug can be very strong, even if we are not always aware of it. In fact, the mug often reminds us not only of the past, but also generates a sense of security and tranquillity that makes us feel good.

It represents us. One of the most distinctive characteristics of mugs, compared to any other object, is that they usually have logos, phrases or images with which we feel particularly identified. Mugs are one of those customisable objects with which we are able to identify ourselves, because in them we encounter a message that echoes in our identity. Our mug reflects a part of our personality, which is why we love it so much!

It is part of the routine. We are creatures of habit, repeating the same things makes us feel safe. And chances are your mug is part of some of the routines you love. Maybe you wake up and have breakfast with it and then pick it up while you relax, to enjoy a nice hot chocolate or tea. If you think about it, our mug is usually present in many of the relaxing moments of the day. It is also with us when we have to work late at night or when we feel sick, so it is normal that it becomes a special object.

It comforts you. Mugs also win our affection because we normally use them to drink hot beverages. Research conducted at Yale and Colorado universities revealed that holding a hot mug generates positive feelings towards others and makes us trust and get closer to them. It was also found that taking a hot bath makes us feel better and relieves loneliness, in the same way as holding a container of hot water. Therefore, it is normal to associate our cup with pleasant feelings that make us feel good.

LA STANZA NEL BOSCO mugs are designed to become your favourite mugs!

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Our items are handmade, so each one is slightly different, which is the true beauty of handmade products.

Big and small

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Each product of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO is handmade in a small laboratory located in the woods of Trentino. So each product is slightly different, which is the real beauty of handmade products.

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