Story of a passion

A tribute to my seamstress grandmother and to the mountains where I grew up

When I was a child and played on the terrace, almost every afternoon the sound of Grandma Lina's pedal sewing machine rose. She sewed, mended, hemmed anything: shirts, skirts, trousers, tablecloths, jackets… She used a charming old Vigorelli, bought with the savings of hard work, in installments, in 1954.


I still have in my mind and ears its characteristic noise, made when grandma was sewing. I loved pressing the pedal and getting lost in watching the leather cord rotate: a magical moment like walks in the woods, the scent of the pine trees, the chirping of birds, the sound of leaves blowing in the wind.

That wind

In the night between 28 and 29 October 2018, a violent hurricane of catastrophic dimensions swept away entire valleys in our beloved Trentino mountains, destroying 4 million cubic meters of trees. We were at home that night and helplessly watched giant pine trees bend and break like blades of grass. That night our hearts were also broken, the landscape that we were used to seeing every day since we were children was no longer the same.
A few terrible hours in which the force of the wind combined with that of the water, uprooting and breaking even centuries-old trees.
From that moment on, the desire to talk and raise people's awareness of the importance of the woods and how respect for nature influences our lives has been strengthened in me.

This is how The Room in the Woods was born , from the passion for craftsmanship, the handmade and the love for the woods.

Freedom, Love, Respect, Good vibes... More than just words, they are what guides us, to give life to precious gifts!

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ Handmade in Trentino β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

Our values define us and guide all our choices.

With our extravagant characters we want to convey the immense value that forests have 🌲 , respect and love for oneself and for others.