The Vaia Storm

In the night between 28 and 29 October 2018, a violent hurricane of catastrophic dimensions swept away entire valleys of our beloved mountains, destroying 4 million cubic meters of trees in Trentino.

A few terrible hours in which the force of the wind combined with that of the water, uprooting and breaking even centuries-old trees.

A difficult experience for our territory whose woodland heritage is an integral part of our history and people.

Rebuilding this beloved land is therefore necessary and urgent. With the awareness that Nature is the benefit and heritage of all.

There is no doubt that this powerful crisis was triggered by peculiar climatic conditions, absolutely unusual in terms of intensity and season. Conditions that require some reflection: how much can human beings, with their choices and actions, protect the environment? And what can we do?

In our own small way we feel the urgency to give our concrete contribution and try to raise awareness with our extravagant forest characters to know the immense value that forests have.

Nothing protects the earth more than the woods!

β€œThe best qualities of human nature, like flowers in bud, can only be preserved by taking the utmost care. Yet we do not treat ourselves or others with such tenderness."
Walden-Henry David Thoreau

By donating part of our proceeds to the Trentino Tree Agreement, we want to contribute to the reconstruction of the Trentino woods and become promoters of environmental sustainability practices.

If you wish to contribute independently at this link β–Ί TRENTINO TREEGREEMENT you will find all the information to learn about the project and help revive our beloved woods.

Your donation is precious and essential.

Thanks β™₯