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I am the bee 🐝 Camilla
I have the little yellow dress that shines
I fly happy and playful
From flower to frond


I bring pollen to the flower
the nectar to the hive
Where it turns into honey 🍯
good to taste
With the sisters we work ceaselessly
Little is the time that rests!

To save the planet we must work
And you man don't stand by
Stop the beautiful world

🌎 of poisoning!

Without us you don't live long either
I would tell you to think about it!

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

Bee-shaped pillow handmade from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I certified polyester velvet Fabric designed for the production of accessories and garments for babies and children:

Super soft and delicate
Always keeps a good appearance,
It is stain-resistant, if you drop something on it, just one wipe.
It is breathable, does not sweat and does not retain heat.
It is machine washable.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

LA STANZA NEL BOSCO products are designed for families who seek products with unique style, maximum quality and durability of products.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ


Large:40x26x12 cm
Medium:32x23x9 cm
Small:20x12x8 cm

Outer material: 100% creamy white polyester velvet.
Filling: polyester.
Machine embroidered with viscose embroidery thread.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

Our items are handmade, so each one is slightly different, which is the true beauty of handmade products.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

Care: machine wash maximum 30ΒΊC, short spin, do not use bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean, do not use tumble dryer.

Big and small

1/2 working days

Each product of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO is handmade in a small laboratory located in the woods of Trentino. So each product is slightly different, which is the real beauty of handmade products.

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