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An enchanting bracelet expressing the delicate and charming essence of the butterfly. This beautiful piece of jewellery has been crafted with great skill in a goldsmith's workshop, and every detail has been taken care of to represent the distinctive character of the butterfly and the profound meaning of the colour blue.

The bracelet medal is made of 925 sterling silver in the shape of our butterfly.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and rebirth, as it emerges from its caterpillar stage and hovers lightly in the air. It also represents grace and lightness, symbolising the beauty that can come from change. The analogy with the butterfly lies in our ability to grow, evolve and find beauty in our personal transformations.

To the butterfly medal, the bracelet is combined with a blue, hand-dyed silk ribbon. The colour blue evokes a feeling of calm, serenity and tranquillity. It represents the open, clear sky, serene waters and the sense of peace that can be found in nature. By wearing this bracelet, you can connect with the reassuring energy of nature, and immerse yourself in the feeling of serenity that the colour blue evokes.

This bracelet thus becomes a unique symbol that can convey the energy of the forest and the transformation of the butterfly.


It invites you to embrace change, to find beauty in personal growth and to live with serenity and harmony. It is a piece of jewellery that can become a personal symbol, reminding you of your ability to adapt, be reborn and find peace in the nature around you.

Wear this bracelet with pride and let it inspire you to live your life with grace and transformation. Bring with you the energy of nature and the gracefulness of the butterfly, along with the calming and serene meaning of the colour blue. Let this special jewel accompany you on your journey of growth and connection with nature.

This bracelet is made of high-quality Habotai silk materials.
Easily adjustable thanks to its knot, easy-to-wear T-lock.

Size: smallest: 16 cm, largest size: 23 cm.

It can be made in different sizes on request.

Designed and made in Italy with 伐

A collaboration project between artisans from Salento to Trentino to spread the commitment, creativity and love of the skilled artists of the Belpaese.

Big and small

1/2 working days

Each product of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO is handmade in a small laboratory located in the woods of Trentino. So each product is slightly different, which is the real beauty of handmade products.

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