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With this precious jewel, you can always carry the marmot's teachings and qualities with you.

Marmots can teach us some valuable lessons.

They teach us to 'unplug'. Like marmots who retreat to their burrows during winter, we need periods of rest and temporary retreat to cope with stress or challenges. This behaviour called 'hibernation' allows us to conserve energy and resources, then deal with difficulties more effectively when conditions are favourable.

We can learn from them the importance of planning, preparation and organisation to face future challenges. Marmots are also very social creatures and communicate with each other through a range of vocalisations and behaviours. We can reflect on their capacity for cooperation and communication and try to apply these qualities in our human relationships.

Finally, marmots are notoriously attentive and alert, always ready to react to possible dangers. We can take a cue from this vigilance of theirs and learn to be more aware and attentive to our surroundings.

This jewellery is a constant reminder to draw on the groundhog's wisdom and apply its teachings in your daily life, reminding you to embrace the patience, wisdom and adaptability that characterise the groundhog.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ
Made with careful craftsmanship, our bracelet is embellished with a handmade 925 silver pendant depicting the little animals from THE ROOM IN THE WOODS.

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Handmade pendant. Starting with a block of wax worked by hand down to the smallest detail, then cast in 925 silver, finished or polished and rhodium-plated (galvanic process used to keep the silver alive, not oxidised, not 'black').

The bracelet is adjustable to fit most wrists, ensuring maximum comfort during daily use.

The band is adjustable and made of precious silk, dyed and sewn by hand, πŸƒ the medallion with our logo is made of leather.

Due to its beauty and uniqueness, this silver charm bracelet is perfect for those who love nature, forest animals and spirituality.

Choose our handmade charm bracelet as a special gift for yourself or a loved one, so that you can always carry the strength and protection of your spirit animal with you.

β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

This bracelet is made of high-quality, precious silk materials.
Easily adjustable thanks to its knot, easy-to-wear T-lock.

Size: smallest: 16 cm, largest size: 23 cm.

It can be made in different sizes on request.

Designed and made in Italy with β™₯️

A collaboration project between artisans, from Salento to Trentino, to spread the commitment, the creativity

Big and small

1/2 working days

Each product of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO is handmade in a small laboratory located in the woods of Trentino. So each product is slightly different, which is the real beauty of handmade products.

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