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Vintage-style enamelled metal mug with Owl illustration: a piece of Magic for camping and home

Bring the nostalgia of the past and the magic of the woods straight to your table with our vintage-style enamelled metal mug, designed for both camping adventures and quiet moments at home. This mug embodies the timeless charm of retro design, enhanced by the majestic image of the owl, a symbol of wisdom and mystery.

Product Features:

Fascinating Design: An illustration of a majestic owl is printed on the surface of the mug. This artistic touch celebrates the intriguing beauty of nature and the majesty of the owl, representing the connection between the human world and the enchantment of the forest. The owl, with its piercing gaze and enigmatic presence, captures your attention and imagination, inviting you to reflect on the profound wisdom of nature.

Vintage Style: The enamelled metal mug evokes a sense of nostalgia and authenticity thanks to its vintage design. The black rim further accentuates the retro charm, taking you back in time with a touch of timeless elegance.

Suitable for all ages: This cup is designed to perfectly suit all ages. It is the ideal accessory to accompany children on their outdoor adventures, promoting independence and a sense of exploration. At the same time, it offers adults a relaxing way to enjoy their favourite coffee or tea in an enchanting atmosphere.

Symbolic Message: The owl, with its wisdom and ability to see beyond appearances, reminds us of the importance of looking beyond and being aware of the deep truths that lie behind visible surfaces. Like the owl, we can learn to examine situations carefully, to reflect on what is not immediately apparent and to look for the truth in the shadows.

Furthermore, the owl is known for its silent night flight and its ability to navigate in the dark. This teaches us the importance of patience, caution and adaptation in difficult situations. Like the owl, we can find our way even in the darkest situations, relying on our intuition and ability to adapt.

Why Choose Our Mug:

Every sip from the enamelled metal mug with Owl Illustration will envelop you in the magic of the forest and the profound wisdom of the owl. Whether you are planning a camping trip or want a moment of reflection at home, this mug will be the perfect companion. With its vintage style and symbolic meaning, it is the perfect gift for those seeking a combination of aesthetics, functionality and inspiration in their daily routine.

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Themed illustration THE ROOM IN THE WOODS hand-drawn and computer-printed.

Dimensions: Ø9x8H - 295 ml
Black border for a touch of elegance
Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning
Not microwaveable

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