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Vintage style enamelled metal mug, perfect for camping and at home. Ideal for the autonomy of children and for all adults!

Enamelled Metal Mug with Illustration of the Fox 🦊: a tribute to the Magic of the Woods

Immerse yourself in the mysterious enchantment of the forest with our enamelled metal mug, beautifully decorated with our illustrations. This mug captures the essence of enchanted forests and celebrates the wisdom and cunning of one of the natural kingdom's most fascinating denizens.

Product Features:

Charming Design: An illustration of a fox has been printed on the surface of the mug. The fox illustration on the mug is a celebration of beauty in its simplest and most alluring form. Crafted with a clean design and delicate lines, the fox is portrayed with respect for detail, capturing the essence of this charming forest dweller.

The thin, curved lines of the illustration tell a story of purity and enchantment, ideal for both adults and children. It is a work that captures the imagination and stimulates creativity, leaving room for endless interpretations and mental adventures.

The simplicity of this design allows the fox to shine without distraction, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its timeless qualities. It is a tribute to the art of essentiality, an invitation to contemplate the intrinsic beauty in the most delicate details.

This illustration, with its purity and simplicity, fits perfectly with the message that the cup carries: the importance of capturing the magic in the details and embracing nature with an open heart.

High Quality Metal Enamel: Expertly crafted using high quality metals and an artisanal enamel technique, this mug is the perfect marriage of aesthetics and durability. The enamelled metal gives it a unique look and rustic touch, constantly reminding you of the magical atmosphere of the woods and mountains.

Ergonomic handle: The cup is equipped with an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable and secure grip, making your moment of relaxation even more pleasant.

Symbolic Message: The fox, a symbol of cunning and intelligence, shares many valuable lessons with humans. His stealthy nature and meticulous approach to life remind us of the importance of being attentive to detail and taking a tactical approach to the challenges we encounter. Like the fox, we can learn to move cautiously and adapt nimbly to changes in our environment.

Furthermore, the fox is known for its ability to adapt to different situations and come up with creative solutions to problems. This teaches us to think outside the box and explore new approaches to solving life's challenges.

Why Choose Our Mug:

Every time you sip your favorite coffee or tea from this enchanting mug, you will be enveloped in the magic of the forest and inspired by the values ​​of the fox. It's the perfect gift for nature lovers, craft enthusiasts, and those looking to incorporate a touch of magic into their daily routine.

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Themed illustration THE ROOM IN THE WOOD design made by hand and computer, hot stamped.

  • Dimension Ø9x8H - 295ml
  • Black edge
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not usable in microwave

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LA STANZA NEL BOSCO products are designed for families looking for products with a unique style, maximum quality and product durability.

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