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    Unicorn-shaped cushion - The Enchantment that Envelops Adults and Children

    Are you looking for a magical addition to your home? The Unicorn cushion is the perfect solution for creating an enchanted atmosphere in any room. Lovingly handcrafted and lovingly embroidered, this cushion in the shape of a unicorn is a real treasure, suitable for young and old alike.

    1. Very soft and enveloping : The Unicorno Luce cushion is incredibly soft to the touch and offers unparalleled comfort for your moments of relaxation. Made with high quality and certified materials, it is delicate on the skin and guarantees a sweet cuddle every time you hug it. Enjoy a moment of pure pleasure, letting yourself be enveloped by its softness.

    2. Magic and fantasy : This pillow will transport your mind to a world of magic and fantasy. Its graceful unicorn form conjures up images of legendary creatures, enchanted kingdoms, and dreams come true. Add a touch of fairy tale to your living room, bedroom or any other space, creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

    3. Suitable for young and old : The Unicorn Light cushion is perfect for all ages . Whether you're an adult looking for a decorative object with a playful spirit or a child looking for a faithful playmate, this cushion will suit your every wish. Experience the comfort and joy of having a magical unicorn by your side at all times.

    Prepare a special gift for yourself or a loved one with the Unicorn 🌈 Light pillow. Each hug will be a journey to fantastic and exciting worlds. Order it today and let yourself be enveloped by its magic!

    β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

    Unicorn-shaped cushion handmade in Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I certified polyester velvet Fabric designed for the production of accessories and clothing for babies and children:

    • Very soft and delicate
    • Always keep a good look,
    • It is stain-resistant, if something falls on it, just one pass is enough.
    • It's breathable, doesn't make you sweat, and doesn't retain heat.
    • Washes in the washing machine.

    β†Ÿ β†Ÿ β†Ÿ

    LA STANZA NEL BOSCO products are designed for families looking for products with a unique style, maximum quality and product durability.

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    Classic version measures: 33x25x10 cm

    Big and small

    1/2 working days

    Each product of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO is handmade in a small laboratory located in the woods of Trentino. So each product is slightly different, which is the real beauty of handmade products.

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