Outings in the woods with children in Trentino: which ones not to be missed

Gite nel bosco con i bambini in Trentino: quali non perdere - La stanza nel bosco

Trips in the woods in Trentino with children: the most beautiful

Nature is a teacher of life , for adults and children: it is a real school of experiences, of sensations, and in particular the forest is a privileged place where it is possible to have an intimate contact with it, its smells, colors and inhabitants.


In the woods with the children: at the school of experiences

It is now internationally recognized that the interaction between children and nature is an element of fundamental importance in their development and a keystone for achieving child psycho-physical well-being.


Living, playing, exploring the natural context, such as that of the forest, is essential not only to improve body coordination, self-esteem and encourage physical activity, but also to help the child explore himself and his own limits, as well as those the context in which it fits.


Contact with the forest: the benefits for the little ones


Contact with the forest favors observation, attention to detail, amazement at the beauties of nature, and is an emotional and physical panacea, a true treasure to be given as an inheritance to one's children.


For this reason it is so important, from an early age, to have contact with those natural places that relate children to the environment.


Also for this reason, taking care of nature is essential , in order to be able to give one's children a legacy of inestimable value: one way to do this is, for example, by contributing to donations for the protection of woodland and forest heritage, often plagued by enormous disasters such as hurricane Vaia which in 2018 devastated large portions of the forest in Trentino. Donating to help rebuild the Trentino woods is a noble gesture, a thought also dedicated to one's children and their future.

Find out how we help our beloved woods --> here

Contributing to the preservation of nature helps us not to forget that all around us there are wonderful places that are just waiting to be explored and discovered, in the company of your children: here are, for example, some of the most beautiful naturalistic and themed trails in the woods it is possible to do with your children in Trentino.

The best paths for children in the woods of Trentino

Trentino Alto-Adige, as is known, is home to natural beauties and magnificent landscapes, all to be explored even in the company of your children. Here are some of the best paths and trails in the woods of Trentino :

  • the paths of little walkers , in the Comano Valley, in the shade of the Brenta Dolomites. It is a path that winds through the woods of Trentino, perfect for families to allow children to discover the local beauties and have fun. The route, structured along six paths, is inspired by six fairy tales created by the Judicaria Ecomuseum. Each track in the wood therefore becomes a journey that tickles the imagination of the little ones, allowing them to have fun, but also to discover the territory and local traditions in a playful way.

  • The Amolacqua path , in Madonna di Campiglio. A path that winds through the woods and undergrowth in the lush green setting of the Adamello Brenta Park. As you can guess from the name, along the path there are streams and the beautiful Amola waterfall, to give refreshment and fun even to the little ones.


  • The naturalistic path of Val Concei, in Ledro . A path completely immersed in nature dedicated above all to local biodiversity, perfect for escaping the summer heat, planning a nice trip with the children along the woods of Val Sorda and the countryside and barns of PalΓ². A truly wonderful path to walk with children, having fun discovering the sculptures in the trunks and relaxing in the beautiful local landscapes.

  • The path of the Hidden Wood , in Daiano. In the setting of the Val di Fiemme, two routes unwind (one red, shorter, and one blue, longer lasting). The circular path, which allows you to discover the nature of the wood, ponds populated by frogs and tadpoles and the animals in the enclosures, is a themed path dedicated to the forest and its inhabitants. Along the way it is possible to take advantage of the meadows or areas equipped for packed meals.

  • The Ledro Land Art path. This path winds through the pine forest of Pur and is also perfect for families with small children. The path in the wood is surprising for young and old, because along the way it is possible to glimpse, among the trees and in the clearings, the works of art created with natural raw materials, inspired by the animals of the forest and beyond. Huge swings, cows made with gigantic stones and many other surprises await the families who walk along this path in the Ledro area.

  • Fairy Tales in the Woods, on the Vigolana Plateau . At the foot of the mountains, this path was enriched in 2020 with many original wooden sculptures, which represent the most beautiful and famous Italian and local fairy tales. Along the way it is possible to read the fairy tales represented in the large illustrated books, and to explore the wood and its unique landscapes. The route winds for about 3 km and is accessible for the whole family.

  • The path 'The magic of the forest', in Mezzocorona , Trento. Among woods and countryside, this classic path suitable for families with children accompanies its visitors to discover the alpine pastures, pastures and the beauties of the Trentino woods. Along the itinerary it is possible to admire the beautiful wooden sculptures that accompany those who choose to visit this route, which leads up to the enormous centuries-old fir tree known as the 'Candelabra' and up to the Malga Kraun Refuge.

Experiences in the woods of Trentino: where to go?

Not only paths, therefore, but also real thematic itineraries which combine the beauty of a relaxing walk in the quiet of nature with the possibility of stimulating the imagination, in a magical context such as that of the Trentino woods. Here are some of the most beautiful and well-known themed trails in Trentino, perfect for families with children.

  • The Forest of Dragons . It is located in Val di Fiemme and is one of the most suitable routes for children, because it is completely dedicated to dragons. Sculptures and installations mark the way, making the exploration of the forest even more fun and rewarding even for the little ones (who will also be able to see a giant dragon egg live). Furthermore, during the summer months, it is possible to participate in the numerous themed walks that are organized and in team games.

  • The path of the Gnomes in Valsugana . Perhaps the most enigmatic of all the themed trails in the region, this trail is actually branched into two trails: the red and the green. The key to enjoying the course at its best is not making noise; in this area it is possible to hear (and for the lucky ones, see) wild animals.

  • The path of the absent-minded shepherd , on the Latemar. A hidden play-route in the woods of Val di Fiemme, in a beautiful cool and shady setting among waterfalls and trees. The theme of the itinerary is that of Martin, the shepherd boy who, along the way, has lost various tools of his work. Thanks to the step-by-step game-book, the children have to help him find all his tools. And while they play, they can also learn many new things about water, observing the waterfalls along the way, and about the life of bees, observing the hives from a safe distance.

  • The Path of Labour, Fairies and Witches . This circular route starts from the center of Preghena, marked by twenty-one stages and as many installations and wooden sculptures by local artisans, which represent witches and the mysterious inhabitants of the forest.

  • The path of the Muse Fedaie, at the Pale di San Martino. Immersed in the spectacular setting of the Paneveggio Park and the Pale di San Martino, in San Martino di Castrozza, this educational trail is also perfect for younger children, as it can be traveled with a stroller suitable for mountain walks. The path is dotted with interactive stages dedicated to biodiversity, from the ancient to the current one.

Bartolo the squirrel --> find out more

  • The path of the Sciury squirrel , in Molveno. This path winds its way in the shadow of the Dolomites which allows even the youngest to discover all the secrets of the wood, following in the footsteps of one of its characteristic inhabitants, the squirrel Sciury, who is willing to explain to the young visitors everything they need to know about the forest and its inhabitants. In addition to being a splendid educational itinerary, you can also enjoy a magnificent panorama of Lake Molveno.


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