Thanks to my commitment and to all the purchases made on the LA STANZA NEL BOSCO website, we have once again contributed this year with a donation that will contribute to reforestation and sustainability.

We are now proud to be "keepers" of the Trentino forest 🌲

guardian of the forest

Our contribution will be remembered by engraving trunk sections, which will be installed in the Paneveggio forest, above the stumps of those trees that were broken by the Vaia storm but which still remain anchored with their roots to the ground and hold it back.

The areas of intervention

Like every year since the birth of LA STANZA NEL BOSCO, we have honored our commitment and made a donation to Trentino Tree Agreement , a fundraiser managed by the Autonomous Province of Trento in collaboration with the State Forestry Agency.

As a pilot project, the Trentino Tree Agreement activities focus on three areas: the Forest of Violins in Paneveggio, the Forest of the Hermitage in San Martino di Castrozza and the Hidden Forest in Cadino.

Some data on the situation before and after the crash in the Paneveggio forest:

Paneveggio, Val di Fiemme – Trentino
100% forest cover with approximately 450 trees/hectare and a wood volume of 500 mΒ³/hectare
Situation after the crash:
Remaining forest cover between 40 and 50%

Why is it called β€œForest of Violins”

Some trees of this forest possess particular qualities due to slow growth, exposure to the sun and the right mix of humidity and heat; these qualities make them resonance fir trees, i.e. trees with a wood that is able to propagate and amplify sound in an exceptional way.

Hence the legendary nameΒ β€œForesta dei Violini” , which has attracted – since the early 1600s – luthiers from all over the world in search of the perfect wood for their production.

It seems that Stradivari himself went here several times to personally choose the raw material with which to build the soundboards of his prestigious violins.

The progress of the works in the forest areas supported by the Trentino Tree Agreement project

The restoration of the woods began with the clearing of the crashes , with the safety of the areas and with the cultivation and planting of the destroyed trees.

The monitoring of the restoration activities is managed by the Provincial Agency of State Forests and is shared with all the supporters of the Trentino Tree Agreement

In the forest of Paneveggio, the planting of seedlings continuedΒ spruce, larch and pine . These have been planted inside fences made previously and which have the function of protecting the new plants from animals, especially ungulates, which could trample them and eat their tender shoots. Currently they have already been plantedΒ about 5,000 seedlings .

A periodic update on the project activities and the progress of the work is sent to all project supporters, enriched by other contributions dedicated to the natural and landscape heritage of Trentino, with the aim of supporting and spreading environmental culture and good practices.

Heartfelt thanks to those who contributed by purchasing one of our handmade products in Trentino and thus helped to revive our beloved forests.

Stephanie ❀️

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