Non solo rose a San Valentino. La stella alpina come messaggio d’amore. - La stanza nel bosco

Not just roses on Valentine's Day. The edelweiss as a message of love.

The charm and magic of the edelweiss The edelweiss (scientific name: Leontopodium Alpinum) is a flowering vegetable typical of mountainous places, considered a legend not only for its unique morphology in the world, but also for the requirements that characterize it. Since the eighteenth century, this mysterious and elegant flower has become the symbol of love and purity since lovers who lived in the mountains (where the plant grows in high altitude pastures or among the rocks) used to climb the peaks to collect bouquets to give to their girlfriends. The courage demonstrated by the intrepid climbers helped to make...

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Perché il bosco è da sempre un luogo magico per i bambini? - La stanza nel bosco

Why has the forest always been a magical place for children?

The forest is a special environment, from many points of view and this is why young and old should frequent it often and let it enter their lives in many forms: not only through walks and free play but also with stories, drawings and games handcrafted, capable of preserving and handing down all its magic. ...At the basis of this forward-looking idea, there was the belief that being outdoors, as well as being incredibly healthy, guaranteed a better quality of life, both for children and for nature itself: learning to know and love the environment as children means becoming respectful...

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Giocare a fare finta: perché è così importante il gioco simbolico - La stanza nel bosco

Playing pretend: why symbolic play is so important

Importance of symbolic play for the child The symbolic play activity can play an essential role as it allows you to enhance unexpressed and sometimes repressed skills which are instead indispensable for mental maturation. Consequently, the structure of the game proceeds in parallel with the development of the child's personality, which begins to use imagination, creativity and intelligence to represent the contingency. In any circumstance it would be appropriate to encourage such activities to encourage the mental and psycho-emotional development of children, who show a clear propensity for this type of entertainment from the age of 18 months. It still...

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Come lavare peluche e cuscini-peluches dei bambini - La stanza nel bosco

How to wash children's soft toys and pillows

Soft toys are among the games that follow the growth of children step by step; from the first days of life they become their faithful companions, to whom they will always remain attached. Every adult has in mind, among his memories, his favorite, the one he always carried with him or that accompanied him in a sweet sleep. Precisely because they are among the most loved toys, they are the ones that get dirty more easily: the little ones just can't separate themselves from them, they take them everywhere and keeping them clean is essential, given that very often they...

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